Only in America can you lose by 3 million votes and still "win" the presidential election because of the 538 members of the Electoral College (no other democratic country on the planet has one).

But we can put Trump in his place---2nd Place.

On every anniversary of his inauguration  (January 20) I'm sending Trump a package of 2nd Place ribbons. Help me make it a big package by sharing the cost of this very pointed gift so he can share them with his staff!

Update: Thanks to a lot of support from readers, we sent 101 ribbons to the White House that were delivered on January 20th. This first round was a proof-of-concept effort. With the next round, we'll set up a press release to get some media play. If you want to participate in a live delivery, contact me so we can set that up.

Click here to add a classy (and made in America) 2nd Place ribbon to Trump's inauguration anniversary gift package (or birthday package) for $5.38 (includes S&H):

Want to send 10 ribbons? (as a favor to your friends or to really send a message to the Grifter-and-Groper-in-Chief) Click here for 10 ribbons for $40: